//Annex Gleaner Wish List

Annex Gleaner Wish List

The Annex Gleaner is seeking submissions for Holiday wishes from residents of the communities which it supports.  Specifically, the wishes are wishes that you would like to see fulfilled, which can be political, community related or about your friends and neighbours.

The request for wish letters from the Editor-in-chief of the Gleaner Community Press, Emina Gamulin, is presented below.

Hi all,

I hope this email finds everybody well. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Emina Gamulin, and I am the new EIC at the Gleaner. Some other people you may not have met yet are Perry King, our contributing editor and Reena Smith, our ad rep and office manager.

With the holidays just around the corner, we want your wishes. NO, we are not Gleaner grinches who want to steal wishes, we want to publish them.

Here are the stipulations:

  • While we want world peace just as much as everyone else, please keep your wishes local.
  • Write letters about wishes you want fulfilled. They can be about something political, community related, something about your kids or friends or what you would like to see from us.
  • Letters must be between one and 250 words!
  • Photo and other visual wishes are also welcome. The point is that we want you to be CREATIVE! We want to see the passion that our communities are known for.

Please submit your wish list to gleanerinfo@gmail.com by Nov. 26 at the stroke of midnight; include your name, and either your professional title or the street that you live on. We reserve the right to edit wishes for space, spelling and grammar.

We really hope you all can take part! Tell your neighbours and friends and let us know what you wish for this holiday season!

Emina Gamulin, Editor-in-chief, Gleaner Community Press