//Pumpkin Patch Request for Volunteers

Pumpkin Patch Request for Volunteers

Seaton Village Pumpkin Patch
Seaton Village Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday, November 1st, the residents of Seaton Village are going to present the first annual Pumpkin Patch in our park, Vermont Square.  The Pumpkin Patch is an assembly and show of the neighbourhood jack-o’-lanterns in the local park on the night after Hallowe’en.  The patch is set-up by  community volunteers and enjoyed by our residents, community friends and neighbours.  A bring-your-own-mug free cider/hot chocolate stand will be set up.  When the show is over, the pumpkins are removed en masse leaving the park clean and ready to be enjoyed by its residents.

  • 12 -3pm
    • volunteers pick-up pumpkins from participating houses
    • set up of pumpkins begins (candles, placement)
  • 3-5pm
    • residents/community drop-off pumpkins to park
    • volunteers continue set up of paths
    • SVRA beverage centre sets up
  • 5pm
    • parks and rec turn off lights in park
  • 5-9pm
    • community walk through
  • 9pm
    • parks dept turn back on park lights
  • 9-11pm
    • volunteers prep pumpkins for organic waste removal (remove candles, assemble pumpkins)
  • 11pm
    • night crew waste collection begins
  • Designing posters/adverts (1 person/group)
  • Printing posters/adverts having them ready for 10/23 (1 person)
  • Putting up posters/ads at select spots 10/24 (2-3 people)
  • Purchase/acquisition of hot bevvy dispenser, tea lights, table, beverage powders
  • Handing out flyers to every house in Seaton Village with a pumpkin 10/31 (5-10 people)
  • Picking-up pumpkins in community 11/01 (2-3 people with vehicles)
  • Setting-up at park 11/01 (shifts of 2-3 people at a time)
  • Manning Cider/Hot Chocolate stand 11/01(1 hour shifts of 2-3 people)
  • Photographing the event 11/01 (3 people for different points of view)
  • Prepping pumpkins for organics removal 11/01 (5-10 people)
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for this year’s Pumpkin Patch, please let us know via our email.  We are looking to have volunteers selected and work started on the poster by no later than Sunday, October 18th, giving us a full two weeks to organize and advertise the event.