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Barton / Christie Turn Restrictions

Due to concerns raised at the recent October SVRA meeting and with Councillor Vaughan’s office regarding the installation of a no left turn restriction at Barton Avenue and Christie Street and its possible diversion of traffic flow to adjacent streets, the turn restriction installation has been suspended by Councillor Vaughan pending further discussion with the community.

Councillor Vaughan’s information letter than he is sending out to residents is reproduced below.

Thank you for contacting my office regarding the approved left turn restriction from Christie Street to Barton Avenue. First, I would like to provide you with some background information on how this turn restriction came to be (for those of you who may not have already received it). After, I will explain how I hope to address the concerns that have been brought to my office.

In response to significant concerns expressed by the local community about the safety of Barton Avenue, particularly for children, I supported the installation of a left hand turn restriction from Christie Street to Barton Avenue. Informing this decision was a petition signed by residents throughout Seaton Village and a letter from Palmerston Avenue Public School, which were sent to my office. The Seaton Village Residents Association also raised concerns and worked to help bring the turning restriction into place.

The overall goal of this turn restriction is to make the area safer for pedestrians – this is a concern that I take very seriously. In seeking solutions that would make the street safer, it was suggested that restricting left hand turns from Christie to Barton between 7am and 7pm would help reduce traffic on this well-used street. I believe that this is an idea worth testing.

On September 15, the Toronto and East York Community Council supported the community’s request to test this idea by approving the restriction. One of the reasons that Barton is a popular route for motorists is because it is a two way street connecting Christie to Bathurst and beyond. There are no other streets that directly connect Christie to Bathurst. The intended result of the turning restriction is to deter drivers from outside the neighbourhood from using Barton as an alternate route to Bloor Street.

Because changes to one street often affect others close by, however, the plan was to study how the no-turning change affects other streets over the course of the next year. Based on what is found, we can then make adjustments as the neighbourhood sees fit.

The overall goal that myself and everyone in the community shares is that our neighbourhood streets be safe. Since the turn restriction was approved, I have heard from a number of residents who are concerned about the effect that the turn restriction would have on the safety of their streets. In addition, a traffic committee made up of representatives from different neighbourhood streets — including those who supported the turn restriction on Barton and those who opposed it — has formed to further engage the community in a discussion on how to reach out goal of safe streets. This committee has asked that we take a second look at the left turn proposal in the context of these concerns before moving forward.

I have asked Transportation Services to hold off on installing the left turn restriction from Christie to Barton until further community consultation can take place. I would like to hold a public meeting, and I welcome your participation.

My office will be in touch soon with further details, but you can expect the meeting to be scheduled for the week of December 7.

We will work to inform residents of this meeting through our newsletter, email, word of mouth and with the help of the new traffic committee that recently formed. In addition, my office has compiled an email list of those in Seaton Village who have contacted us with traffic concerns. We will add you name to this list. If you know of others who would like to be added to this list as well, please don’t hesitate to recommend that they contact my office at 416-392-4044 or

I look forward to your ongoing feedback and further working with the community to ensure that your streets are safe for all.

Yours Truly,

Councillor Adam Vaughan

Ward 20, Trinity-Spadina

The SVRA will work towards setting a date with Councillor Vaughan’s office for a public meeting for Seaton Village residents to further discuss a solution to the Barton Street traffic issue.

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Google Maps Street View

The Google Maps Street View in progress this Summer for the GTA has been completed and is now online.  If your are interested in doing a virtual tour of our neighbourhood, Seaton Village, go to Google Maps and enter in your address search.  When the map is displayed, click and drag the pedestrian icon located above the zoom bar onto the location on the map at which you would like a street level view.  By clicking the direction arrows which are displayed, you can then perform a virtual tour down any street in the GTA (and other parts of the world) with a 360 degree view and zoom capability.

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Pumpkin Patch Request for Volunteers

Seaton Village Pumpkin Patch

Seaton Village Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday, November 1st, the residents of Seaton Village are going to present the first annual Pumpkin Patch in our park, Vermont Square.  The Pumpkin Patch is an assembly and show of the neighbourhood jack-o’-lanterns in the local park on the night after Hallowe’en.  The patch is set-up by  community volunteers and enjoyed by our residents, community friends and neighbours.  A bring-your-own-mug free cider/hot chocolate stand will be set up.  When the show is over, the pumpkins are removed en masse leaving the park clean and ready to be enjoyed by its residents.

  • 12 -3pm
    • volunteers pick-up pumpkins from participating houses
    • set up of pumpkins begins (candles, placement)
  • 3-5pm
    • residents/community drop-off pumpkins to park
    • volunteers continue set up of paths
    • SVRA beverage centre sets up
  • 5pm
    • parks and rec turn off lights in park
  • 5-9pm
    • community walk through
  • 9pm
    • parks dept turn back on park lights
  • 9-11pm
    • volunteers prep pumpkins for organic waste removal (remove candles, assemble pumpkins)
  • 11pm
    • night crew waste collection begins
  • Designing posters/adverts (1 person/group)
  • Printing posters/adverts having them ready for 10/23 (1 person)
  • Putting up posters/ads at select spots 10/24 (2-3 people)
  • Purchase/acquisition of hot bevvy dispenser, tea lights, table, beverage powders
  • Handing out flyers to every house in Seaton Village with a pumpkin 10/31 (5-10 people)
  • Picking-up pumpkins in community 11/01 (2-3 people with vehicles)
  • Setting-up at park 11/01 (shifts of 2-3 people at a time)
  • Manning Cider/Hot Chocolate stand 11/01(1 hour shifts of 2-3 people)
  • Photographing the event 11/01 (3 people for different points of view)
  • Prepping pumpkins for organics removal 11/01 (5-10 people)
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for this year’s Pumpkin Patch, please let us know via our email.  We are looking to have volunteers selected and work started on the poster by no later than Sunday, October 18th, giving us a full two weeks to organize and advertise the event.

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October SVRA Meeting

With summer vacation over and the Fall temperatures firmly embracing us, the monthly SVRA meetings are returning.  A lot has happened this summer though the municipal workers strike, David Miller’s recent announcement as well as a lot of development work regarding the upcoming improvements to our community park, Vermont Square.  As such, there will be a lot to discuss at our upcoming meeting, from past events to future initiatives.

The October SVRA meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 14th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club Library (2nd floor), 843 Palmerston Avenue, Toronto.


  1. Review of Meeting Minutes from June SVRA Meeting
  2. Vermont Square Overview / Context Discussion
  3. Vermont Square Pumpkin Patch Initiative
  4. Barton Street Traffic Control Changes
  5. Christmas Party Planning
  6. Recent Municipal News
  7. Website Support
  8. Committee Presentations (Playground, Park, Planning)

If you are interested in finding out more about the upcoming events in your community or are keen to meet up with your friends and neighbours, please drop by the October SVRA meeting and introduce yourself.  We’re always happy to make new friends as well as see old ones.

Meeting minutes for the October SVRA meeting can be found here.


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