//Vermont Square Development Update

Vermont Square Development Update

On Thursday, July 9, SVRA President, Rebecca Sugarman met with Councillor Adam Vaughan to discuss the next steps to be taken for the community development of Vermont Square Park.

The highlights of that meeting are as follows:

  • The SVRA are to organize a plan demonstrating need and  broad concepts for the park by this Fall.  The plan will help the Councillor discuss our projects with the Parks Department as it plans its multi-year budgets.
  • The SVRA aim to post a draft plan on this site in early September and ask for feedback from the Seaton Village community.  Following input from the residents, the SVRA will send the revised plan to the Councillor. Our goal is to get the plan to Councillor Vaughan by September 30, 2009.
  • The funding will be in two phases – the first phase will be to hire a consultant to fine tune the concepts we present, and the second phase will be for the purchase and installation of equipment.  All of the funding is for capital projects, so it is not to be used for basic maintenance, but rather, for items like playground equipment, water irrigation systems, an amphitheatre, or whatever items or construction that the community wants to purchase to improve our park.
  • The councillor supports our launching a fundraising campaign this coming year and will help us figure out how to manage charitable donations.  He has also agreed to write a letter in support of our case to potential corporate funders.

Anyone interested in working on the fundraising committee or in volunteering in any way should contact the SVRA through our email address, and address the email to Rebecca Sugarman.

We are interested in your interest in our park.

Also if you have a specific skill that would help us with this work we would love to hear from you. For example: landscape designers – if you are out there, please let us know.