Garbage Disposal Bin Closing Tonight

Dear neighbours, due to the overwhelming response from our residents, we are closing down the garbage dumpster tonight.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time, and to all the neighbours who helped clean up Vermont Square Park.  We will be posting any information on future garbage collection on this site.


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5 responses to “Garbage Disposal Bin Closing Tonight

  1. Thanks so much for doing this.

  2. Alfredo

    this was a great initiative, any plans of doing it again? we missed the timeframe and we don’t want to use Christy Pitts (but may have to)

  3. suzanna1

    No decisions have been made about doing it again. Depends on the length of the strike. If we do it again we will post information on this site about volunteers, timing etc

  4. Tammy Peterson

    E gads, I was out of town this weekend and missed it. But, good on you. I await the next dump day.

  5. Isfahan Merali

    Thank you for organizing the waste bin…we refuse to use our parks as a dump. We would very much appreciate a 2nd bin if it could be organized. Thanks!

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