//SVRA Constitution 2009 Amendment

SVRA Constitution 2009 Amendment

The following is the proposed Seaton Village Residents’ Association Constitution, to be voted on during the Annual General Meeting, tentatively set for May 6, 2009. SVRA members are encouraged to review the document and bring any discussion points to the March 11, 2009 SVRA meeting. – CSD

Seaton Village Residents’ Association Constitution

1. The name of the Association is SEATON VILLAGE RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION. (SVRA)

2. Boundaries:

The area served by SVRA is Bathurst Street west to Christie Street and Bloor Street West north to the railway tracks north of Dupont Street.

3. Purpose:

To safeguard and promote the interests of the residents of Seaton Village.

4. Mandate:

  • To be non-partisan and inclusive;
  • To be a forum and an opportunity for residents to be involved with preserving and improving the area’s present characteristics as a livable, urban neighbourhood;
  • To consider all subjects tending to promote the welfare of the area and to preserve and improve its present characteristics;
  • To consider, recommend, and promote such legislative, municipal, and other measures as may be deemed wise and expedient to the long-term interests of the area;
  • To be a credible, powerful and representative voice for the area, neighbourhood, and community.

5. Membership:

  • A member is any person who has contributed to the annual membership fee, who is over the age of eighteen (18) years, who resides in the area, and who does not hold a political office.
  • All residents who live in the defined area have the right to attend and to speak at General Meetings, subject to approval of the chair of the meeting.
  • A member shall have the right to vote and to elect the members of the Executive Committee at the Annual General Meetings of SVRA.
  • The Executive Committee may confer membership status as deemed appropriate.

6. Membership Dues:

  • Membership dues shall be determined from time to time by the Executive Committee and approved by a vote of SVRA membership.
  • Annual membership will run twelve (12) months from date of payment as prescribed by the Executive Committee.

7. Meetings:

  • General Meetings shall be held monthly from September-May.
  • A quorum shall consist of at least nine (9) members. Meetings are adjudicated by “Robert’s Rules of Order.”
  • The Annual General Meeting will take place in May. The Executive shall give written notice of the time, date, and purpose of this meeting at least thirty (30) days in advance.

8. Elections, Nominations, and Voting:

  • Elections shall be held in May each year at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Voting shall be by secret ballot unless a majority of the members indicate that a show of hands is acceptable.
  • Members shall be eligible to vote. Members are those who contributed to their membership for the year previous to the annual general meeting.

9. Executive Committee:

  • The Executive Committee shall consist of the following officers: President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to five (5) additional members, who represent SVRA sub-committees
  • The Executive Committee shall meet as often as the President or Vice President requires. A quorum shall consist of not less than three members of the Executive Committee. Resignations from the Executive Committee must be submitted in writing.
  • Ex-officio membership on the Executive Committee committee may be extended to community organizations, as determined appropriate by the Executive.
  • Members are eligible to stand for the Executive Committee and can be nominated before or during the Annual General Meeting.
  • Executive Members shall be on the Executive Committee for a period of one year and may be re-elected indefinitely.
  • Neither Executive Members nor members shall receive remuneration for their committee work.

10. Duties of the Executive Committee:

  • The President shall facilitate all General Meetings of SVRA and all meetings of the Executive Committee, act as a spokesperson for SVRA, and cast a deciding vote in the event of a tie.
  • The Vice President shall act in the absence of the President or whenever so designated.
  • The Past President shall advise and assist the Executive Committee and may be designated to act on behalf of the President or Vice President.
  • The Secretary shall record all proceedings, receive and conduct correspondence as needed, prepare, and (after confirmation of the President) sign and ultimately present them to the membership. The Secretary shall also keep a confidential record of the names and addresses of all members and be responsible for the collection of annual fees (unless this matter is delegated to a Member-at-Large).
  • The Treasurer shall receive all monies, issue and sign cheques for payment of authorized expenditures, report on the state of the finances, and submit books and vouchers for audit on request. The Treasurer will also be responsible for making public the association’s Annual Financial statements within six (6) months of the end of the fiscal year.
  • Members-at-Large may perform other duties as may be needed, from time to time.
  • All cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and a member of the executive Committee designated by the Executive Committee.
  • Any member of the Executive Committee absent from three (3) consecutive Executive meetings, without good cause, shall lose executive membership status. Loss of executive membership status may be appealed to the general membership.

11. Changes to the Constitution:

The Constitution replaces all previous constitutions. It may be altered or amended at any Annual General Meeting of SVRA:

  • by notice of Motion in writing,
  • after one (1) month has elapsed,
  • by a majority vote of the members present.