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Let Local Groups Manage Their Own Parks

The February 7, 2009 Globe and Mail article by John Barber discusses the success of community management of the Dufferin Grove park and the benefits of having communities lead the development of their neighbourhoods.

“If nothing else, such a scheme would help re-establish the human connections that have so withered in the new century. ‘You can’t de-amalgamate the city, but you can decentralize it,’ Mr. Vaughan says.”

The article is well worth a read with thoughts to improving our own park in Seaton Village, Vermont Square.

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SVRA Meeting Minutes, February 2009

SVRA Meeting Minutes, February 11 2009

Attendees: Rebecca Sugarman, Chris Scott-Dixon, Jennifer Hunter, Joan MacCallum, Adam Vaughan.

January 14,th 2009 Meeting minutes approved by Rebecca and seconded by Jennifer.  February 11th 2009 agenda approved.

AGM: When: Wednesday April 15th, 2009    Time: TBD/A

Ideas were brought forth regarding the Annual General Meeting and how to bring people out to it.

As a “draw” the notion of “creating community” was considered. A caption for the event is required as well as a guest speaker. Notables mentioned included David Hulchanski from Stop 103/The Barns and The Globe and Mail’s John Barber.

It was decided we need a marketing strategy to enhance awareness of the SVRA’s activity in the neighbourhood, as well as to promote further “brand awareness” that includes a long term vision for the SVRA.

Continuing to develop the SVRA website was agreed upon and considered are the ideas of:

  • Door-to-door canvassing and distribution of, for e.g., magnets ;
  • Meet and Greet SVRA event – Yard Sale to piggy back the plant sale at St. Alban’s in May.

Action: Rebecca and Chris are to attend the next meeting of Friends of Christie Pitts.

Adam Vaughan:

Adam Vaughan identified that funding has been obtained from the city budget for the improvement of Vermont Square Park. An initial sum will be allocated in 2010 and the larger remainder will be dispensed in 2011/2012.

Action: Jennifer will contact Sibelius on their park/playground consultation/formatting process.

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February Meeting Notice

The February SVRA meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 11th at 7:00 PM at St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club, 843 Palmerston AvenueToronto.

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