//SVRA Meeting Minutes, January 2009

SVRA Meeting Minutes, January 2009

January 14, 2009 Meeting minutes

Attendees: Dale Duncan, Leslie Endes, Greg Gaetz, Jennifer Hunter, Howard Jerove, Arlene Lechinsky, Bob Luker, Joan MacCallum, Eric Mills, Susan O’Conner,  Chris Scott-Dixon, Peter Smith, Claire Stark, Olesia Stefurak, Rebecca Sugarman.

December 8, 2009 Meeting minutes approved by Chris, seconded by Rebecca.

January 14, 2009 agenda approved.

MPAC Presentation: Eric introduced MPAC, concerns which arose regarding rate of property tax increased for Seaton Village. MPAC presenters: Sabrina, Rob Merchant, Jeff.  Highlights:
– MPAC assessment is now done on a four year cycle.
– Assessment phased in over the four year assessment cycle.
– Assessment decreases are implemented immediately.
– Request for reconsideration (RFR) deadline is March 31st of taxation year.
– Before making a RFR, ensure that the data for your property is accurate.
– MPAC can assist the RFR by reviewing your documentation in advance of submission.
– Seaton Village (ward 20) assessment has increased 29% from January 1, 2005 to January 1, 2008.
– In an assessment, your property type is compared for all similar property types in the neighbourhood.
– Assessment is based on the City of Toronto’s fiscal needs, so fluctuations in real estate market price not likely to reduce property tax.
– Senior or disabled exemption is available.
– Further enquiries to MPAC can be made via e-mail: enquiry@mpac.ca

Website: Rebecca requested any volunteers for web design support in order to update the SVRA webpage.  Chris identified the availability of free software and hosting and offered to assist in developing a new web page.
Action: Chris to procure the software and server on which the website can be placed and to help develop a website.

Annual Meeting: Rebecca identified that volunteers are needed to organize and help out with the annual SVRA meeting tentatively scheduled for the end of April, 2009.

Playground: The Vermont Square playground has been dropped from the city’s priority list and it was identified that it could be another twelve years before the playground was back on the priority list.  A playground assessment has been requested through the playground assessor, Bob Duguid.  A request was made for information on how the city determines how finances are allocated for playgrounds and how to get on the priority list.
Action: Dale to work with Bob Duguid to determine how finances are allocated and how to get on the priority list.

Seaton Forest: Volunteers have completed the door-to-door canvassing of the neighbourhood to provide information on the initiative and to get residents to sign up for a city tree without much success.  Information on the Seaton Forest initiative is now posted on the public board in Vermont Square.  Leslie recommended that the initiative be performed again through the years as the neighbourhood changes.

Planning: Dale discussed new planning development requests in the local area of ward 20.  Highlights:
– 330 Dupont: request for development of twenty and thirty story high rises and artist space at Dupont and Spadina by the Wynn Brothers developers.  The proposal would not be supported.
– Yarmouth parking: a request to change parking on Yarmouth parking to the south side of the street has been forwarded.  Adam Vaughan can approach council for alternating parking if need be.  Ron Hamilton was identified as the parking manager.
– A Karaoke application on Bloor was made with no objections.
– New development applications have dropped off to zero since summer, 2008.
– Korean church land development on Christie application for eleven town homes and some semi-detached made some years ago.  Development may be on hold.
– The Bloor Visioning study has been made to Bathurst street only and has not yet been extended to the west.
– The neighbourhood mapping exercise by Ryerson is complete and is available for review on adamvaughan.ca through the community maps tab.

Peace Zone: Howard proposed that Seaton Village be established as a Peace Zone, wherein peace and a culture of peace would be promoted.  The Season for Nonviolence program and Millennium Goal Project were identified as positive examples.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 @ 7:00 PM, St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club.