//SVRA Meeting Minutes, May 2008

SVRA Meeting Minutes, May 2008

Attended: Suzanna Birchwood (President), Rebecca Sugarman (Vice President), Jennifer Hunter (Secretary/Chair- Playground Cttee), Joan McCallum (Treasurer), Leslie Endes (Chair- Planning Cttee), Greg Gaetz (Chair – Park Cttee), Roderick Fisher (Chair- Communications Cttee), Ann Ein (Chair Safety Cttee), Councillor Adam Vaughan, Shawn Evans (St. Alban’s Club), Mimi Choi, Pat Cross, Peter Groves, Maggie Groves, Katie Thomas, Shannon McGaw, Mimi Choi, Arlene L., Howard. Litsa Sourtzis,

Jenny Foster Stacie Morri, Hal Kent 

Absent: Linda Reid (Seaton Forest Cttee)


I. St. Alban’s will he hosting their annual street festival Saturday June 7th

The community can go to www.stalbansclub.ca/youth.programming for information about the event.

Shawn Evans (St. Alban’s Boys and Girl’s Club) spoke to the SVRA regarding contact with the neighbourhood to facilitate a scavenger hunt involving the St. Alban’s youth and members of the community.

St. Alban’s will be launching a graffiti program and will be installing skate park components in their gym for skateboarders/BMX and flat land riders to enjoy. For more information on these programs please contact Shawn Evans:  shawn@stalbasclub.ca

Actions:  Sign up with Shawn to participate in the amazing race.  

SB/JH to accompany Shawn on his walkabout Palmerston to explain the event to neighbours.


II. Ryerson Mapping Project 

The Association voted in favour of proceeding with the mapping project as follows.  See previous minutes for detailed discussion.

Yeas: 11  Nays: 2 Abstentions: 6

This result is subject to:

opening up discussion to the community and forwarding results to planning committee; recommendations of the Planning Committee to be forwarded to the SVRA.


III. Planning Committee’s Name-Your-Lane Campaign

In conjunction with the City, the Planning Cttee is hoping to initiate a neighbourhood lane naming campaign.

One of the goals is to promote the SVRA.

Marketing will include (door -to-door) distribution of flyers and information posted on the SVRA website.

The Planning Committee is looking for support from Adam Vaughan’s office with photocopying the flyers.

The SVRA approved a motion that the Planning Committee should proceed developing their Name-Your-Lane Campaign, and prepared a larger plan that links it to promoting the SVRA generally.  Motion approved unanimously.


IV. Traffic and Safety

Ann distributed copies of 14 Division’s Community Bulletin newsletter.

Katie Thomas (representing Palmerston Ave Day Care) spoke to concerns with vehicles speeding along Barton. Litsa Sourtzis, Stacie Morris, and Hal Kent also presented concerns to the group.

The volume of traffic and speed cars that proceed along Barton is of great concern to area residents.  . The street is a main thoroughfare from east of Bathurst to Shaw Street.

A petition was circulated showing strong support for taking measures to increase safety by reducing the speed, density and volume of traffic flow during key hours of the day.

Councillor Vaughan suggested some individual action to promote traffic calming such as   park cars 6” further from the curb  thereby narrowing the street.


Councillor Vaughan will look into a no left turn onto Barton from Christie 7-9am;

SB to follow up with the Councillor’s office on the research results on transportation presented at the March 2008 SVRA meeting.  That request was to have the raised pavements installed around the park – which could also be extended to Barton – when the streets are up for resurfacing.  City staff are checking the schedule for resurfacing.


Yarmouth Gardens’ Maverick Parking Permit request

Yarmouth Gardens submitted a request for a reduction in their permit parking hours from 12:01 am – 10:00am to 12:01 am – 8:00am.

Rebecca Sugarman suggested the process, in fact, ought to be (re)directed to the SVRA.

Adam told us the City looks for clear consensus when altering policy/decision-making. Petitions will be reviewed. There is currently no indication a change in parking times is unanimously sought after among residents of Yarmouth Gardens.

V. Communications

Roderick informed us the website is being visited with, for the most part, planning related searches (development and Committee of Adjustment.)

SB called for each committee to update website with information about their committees’ activities so as to provide current material for the website.

Roderick will provide links so all committees and sub subcommittees can be accessed directly online.


Development and Other Area Issues

Shannon McGaw addressed a development slated for the Rent a Wreck site (next to Papa Mios) along Dupont.

Decision was deferred by the Committee of Adjustment.


a) Adam will convene a meeting with the planning committee/developer and area residents to work towards shaping a structure that is appropriate to the configurations of the site in question;

b) If this does not yield desired result(s), the City will take action to undermine the development.


VI. Park Committee

The April 19th leaf raking and park clean up was very successful garnering a lot of community involvement (and approximately 50+ bags of leaves!)

The Bocce ball courts have been rebuilt and a letter of thanks will be sent to thank Brenda Librecz, General Manager, Parks, Forestry and Recreation and Mark Emslie for this effort. 

Cedarvale Park: Suzanna noticed Cedarvale Park, just to the north of us, is receiving $100, 000. The playground in this park was rebuilt in 2001.

Adam explained the City has both a maintenance budget and a capital investment budget. We may not see funding for our playground until 2011.

There are currently 2 ways a park/playground would receive capital for reinvestment: 

Bill C37: Capital from new development. Problem is that access is limited;

Buildings now being developed are subject to a new and enhanced Park Levy. Until January 2009, the levy will be 12% on new builds, up from the previous 5%.

Adam informed us a new parks management model is being developed to localize taxes and funnel the funds into parks.

He states it is “critical” we take over our parks as neighbourhoods and manage them in conjunction with the City Parks Dep’t, to ensure delivery of service and maintenance of community vision. 

Adam/ Brenda Librecz will get back to SB regarding funding for Cedarvale.


The New Blue Bins  

Call Councillor Vaughan’s office if you can’t accommodate the blue bin and need an alternate solution.  They will arrange for a ‘site visit’ to assess.